CREATÍVICA is a company specialized in publicity and corporate communication in the social sector, whose objective is to offer services that meet the “Common Good” and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criteria.

The work is divided into five specialized areas: 

  1. Business and CSR Project Management.
  2. Marketing and Publicity.
  3. Audiovisual Production.
  4. Formation and training.
  5. Comprehensive Event Management.

At CREATÍVICA we develop all kinds of communication products to improve your campaign or company:

  • We offer comprehensive services to our customers supporting all phases of the sales project both in the product and/or service.
  • We exclusively create and perfect our clients corporate image by applying it to all kind of physical or digital
  • We produce web pages, software management, audiovisual material and applications for smartphones.
  • We carry out indoor and outdoor advertising on billboards, buildings, mupis, booths, cabins, monopoles, buses and shopping centers.
  • We manage social responsibility and training projects within the company itself or in its social-economic context. We coordinate public entities, civil society, citizens and private companies.
  • We optimize our clients projects and campaigns to achieve the highest return on investment.

All this with a series of features that are the flag of communicative actions:

CREATIVITY AND DISCLOSURE. In contrast to common ideas, the creative capacity of the Agency leads us to develop campaigns, events, media plans, actions on social media, reports and innovative news that increases the value of the service. We constantly incorporate avant-garde ways of transmitting messages to the target audience through new communication channels that in the digital age don’t cease to emanate, seeking efficiency and success for an increasingly demanding audience.

EXPERIENCE AND SPECIALIZATION. The agency has extensive experience in communication, press  and comprehensive management of events and projects. This allows us to have all the resources to carry out the ideas and different type of projects here described.

METHODOLOGY AND DEFINED APPROACH. In our work field we go from the tourist sector, to sports, motorbikes and fashion, including government campaigns for citizen participation and institutional press offices. We plan, produce and launch communication campaigns for all kinds of clients and profiles. And there is no small customer, no boring product. Achieving the correct notoriety and maximum legitimacy will always be part of what we do.

Without losing sight of the purpose of the contract, the agency defines and develops objectives that are always strategically planned, responding to logical framework methodologies with indicators or quantifiable objectives capable of dynamically evaluating and guiding communication actions.



Tanausú Zumaquero-Nuez, (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1980) graduated with Honors in Business Administration; Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Bussines Administration BBA, from the University of the West of England (Bristol – UK), although his professional career, since 2002, has been developed mainly in the different strategic consulting areas of the social sector. Currently, he is Executive and Account Director at the communication and advertising agency, CREATÍVICA.
Expert in corporate communication and social project management, Tanausú has participated and coordinated outstanding projects such as the preparation and edition of the Canary Islands Government White Paper on Transport with the company Atlántida International Consulting, the SICARO Project for the implementation quality systems in the management of Canary Islands NGOs in the Anagos Network, the Adsis Foundation Socio-Labor Integration project for people in social exclusion, the Youth in Action 5.1 project of the European Social Fund with the General Direction of Youth of the Government of the Canary Islands, the production of the Solidary Gran Canaria project of the Ministry of International Solidarity and Institutional Cooperation of the City Council of Gran Canaria, the MAC project of transnational cooperation DETICPORT, the official accreditation for the Canarian Employment Service, management of training actions for the unemployed and management of the Training Center Pepe Marrero, management and international projection of the International Port Training Center Belén Maria, adaptation to the Data Law and implementation of integrated ISO quality management systems 9001 and 14001 to the union organization of port stevedores in Las Palmas and the San Borondón Training Center. The creation and Co-Direction of the university extension course “La Ciudad-Portuaria” taught jointly with the Institute of Technological Development of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.
He has participated in radio, TV and press programs with articles on political and social analysis, participated with historians, writers and artists in the book “Casa de la Cultura de La Isleta” in 2007, stimulated meetings such as the First International Conference of Citizen Participation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2008, or the First Meeting in the Canary Islands CC.AA “Participation and Citizenship” in 2009. He has also participated with several papers in the Urban Ecology Conference of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria organized by the Canary Islands Fund and the Ecological Federation In Action in 2010 given international conferences related to port training such as the paper “Port Training in the Atlantic and African context” in the framework of the ICHCA 2011 international meeting in Burkina Fasso, or in Dakar within the framework of the 2012 International Congress of Port Women.
Other relevant projects focused on the Communication and Advertising sector are the production and distribution of the Gran Canaria Accesible Citizen Days held in Las Canteras Beach and with the attendance of more than 3,000 participants, multiple workshops, concerts and performances. Support to various communication offices, highlighting the communication of the outstanding race TRANSGRANCANARIA. The production and direction of advertising spots for firms such as Scania or Ferrari. The creation of communication campaigns and supports, reports, magazines and web pages for entities such as the Red Cross, ADEPSI, the Government of the Canary Islands, the City Councils of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Gran Canaria Tourist Board, among other organizations.
Finally but not least, it’s worth mentioning his teaching activity in Orientation and Training for Employment, Accessible Communication and collaboration as internship tutor for students from different universities and higher education centers like the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, The School of Art de Las Palmas, The University of François Rabelais, Tours, France. Lorraine University, Nancy, France and the International School of Management (ISM), Dortmund, Germany.


Acaymo Martín (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1980) has an extensive and specialized training in the communication and education sector, endorsed among others, by the Complutense University of Madrid, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Higher School of Communication and Image & Sound of Madrid. He has extensive professional experience in the communication sector, being part of the technical team of the most important communication groups locally, regionally and nationally, among which we highlight Atresmedia, Mediaset, RTVE or RTVAC.
In a complementary way during the last years, he has worked in Production & Edition, Screenwriter in different awareness campaigns for the Red Cross, Cáritas Diocesana, Platform for Human Rights, Ecologists in Action, FELGTB, FUNCASOR, Canarian Institute of equality among many other entities.
More towards the last working stage, thanks to the experience gained and his progressive training in the fields of Communication, Psychology, Education and Social Work, his work has been enriched, becoming more and more comprehensive commitments covering all areas involved in the production and coordination of a communication project, mentioning some examples such as the Herbalife Basketball Gran Canaria social responsibility campaign, the promotion and communication area of ​​the Gran Canaria Accessible project of the City Council of Gran Canaria, the teens project Youth Wind of the Santa Lucía City Council or the comprehensive development of the youth policy conference of the General Direction of Youth of the Government of the Canary Islands and the EU.
We can highlight his experience in the field of training work in Guatemala where he was responsible for the training and local development project (PRODESA) whose function was to work on expression techniques and communication in the Quetzaltenango district. Thanks to his specialized training in the field of Education, he was part of the professional team of the Municipal Children’s Schools of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, carrying out tasks of dynamization, programming, training, parents’ schooling and coordination with the courses resources.
In the field of social action, he has been linked to social projects as a cooperator progressively increasing his responsibility, becoming coordinator of action projects in childhood-pre-adolescence. Subsequently he was an active member of the federation “Ecologistas en Acción” (Ecologists in action) as a member of the Cultural Association of échalemojo! exercising the responsibility of the presidency and in which he was also responsible for the stimulation of environmental, educational and cultural awareness-raising campaigns.
He is currently part of the CREATÍVICA Canarias Communication Agency Consulting where he works as Project Leader of different projects and with the roll of Creative Director.


Marcial J. Rodríguez (Arrecife, 1976), trained in Business Administration and Management at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has extensive professional experience of more than 15 years in the field of marketing and communication, both in private companies and in public administration, from graphic design and digital printing to social media management and institutional relations.
In recent years, before becoming part of CREATÍVICA’s team, he has specialized in communication and institutional relations, forming part of different communication offices of public administrations, assuming in his last stage of his career the responsibility of coordinating the actions of press and relations with the media. He has also been responsible for the design and implementation of political campaigns in the latest electoral processes.
In terms of personal development, he has always shown his interest and support for initiatives related to conservation and respect for the environment, the development of renewable energy and sustainability policies which fits perfectly into the culture and identity of CREATÍVICA, an agency specialized in communication and advertising for public and private organizations in the social and environmental fields.


Graduated in journalism from the University of La Laguna (2011-2015), Tamara began her professional career in the Canary Islands, but her desire to discover the world beyond the islands and learn languages ​​led her to travel very soon after graduating thanks to different types of scholarships. The Germanic reality on the islands, and more specifically on the island of La Gomera, led her to have her first exchange experience in Bonn, Germany. At the Rheinische Friedrich-Wil-helms-Universität she specialized in media communication (Medienwissenschaft), which helped her improve her oral language proficiency.
Subsequently, she managed to promote an extra-community exchange with the Autonomous University of Baja California, where she studied her last year of her degree, graduating as a communication scientist with honors. During the time Tamara was in Baja California, he worked closely with the advertising agency OkayOk and as a tourist guide with the company Explora Caribe. She also collaborated in the preparation of scientific information capsules for Televisa and in social intervention projects, in addition to various volunteers.
The experiences lived in Baja California made her stay another year in the Mexican capital. In Mexico City, Tamara spent a year collaborating with the Youth Institute (INJUVE) on youth projects, as well as a few months in the international section of the newspaper “Reforma”. After spending two years outside Europe, she began to value life on this continent, and more specifically within the European Union. She decided to return to Spain to expand her training in this field, beginning the Master in European Integration offered by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​through which she also experienced another exchange in Moscow.
Her stay in Moscow conditioned her to be offered to study another master’s degree at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). This time her studies would be more oriented to Eurasian relations and political and economic cooperation between Russia and the E.U. In addition to having basic language skills, Tamara began collaborating as an assistant professor at this university, essentially teaching Spanish as a foreign language and European subjects.
Teaching began to form part of her daily life, so she currently continues to work as a teacher, in addition to working for the CREATÍVICA communication agency, especially in the western islands. At the same time, she also collaborates with the European information center Europe Direct organizing events and communication in the European Union. She has recently started working with the Tourism Department of the city Council of La Gomera promoting the island internationally.


Raúl Vega (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1984) is a Graduate in Journalism from the University of Rey Juan Carlos. He also studied History at the ULPGC. Interested in culture, literature, the environment or social movements, his premise is to start locally to reach the universal. In the media, since his career has begun he has worked in several projects. He started on community radio and did internships at the Canary Island’s Radio “La Autonómica”. He has been linked to other radio projects in media such as 7.7 Radio or the Radio Insular de Lanzarote, among others.
In digital journalism, after trying various personal and collective initiatives, since 2015, he has been the Coordinator of the digital magazine Within the same entity context, it is attached to the Canary Tamaimos Foundation, which advocates for the defense and dissemination of Canarian culture and identity from a broad perspective. On this channel, he directed and presented the televised in-depth interview format “El Tirafondo”. Similarly, he was the director of the documentary report “Puntales”: Canarian youth for a new era.
He has been involved in corporate communication for associations such as Mogán Bonito, ICEACAN, in addition to the Tamaimos Foundation itself, where he continues to carry out these tasks. He carried out 52 interviews with various social groups in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Associative Reality Study of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, work commanded by the company Culturalink Consultores.
He is currently employed at the CREATÍVICA company, working in communication, press and website department.


Jesús Hernández Hernández (Las Palmas de gran Canar¬ia, 1981) studied Audiovisual Production and Shows at the Polytechnic Institute of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and later continued his training studying cinema in Bilbao.
With more than 10 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, he has worked in countless television formats: information, sport, motor, entertainment and documentaries as a camera operator, video editor, screenwriter, assistant director and director in various production companies and televisions.
Jesus is part of the expedition team organized by the NGO Medical Solidarity, in the expedition to Bolivia carried out in 2013 as head of the audiovisual part with which the NGO documents its work of medical assistance to the indigenous population in the South American country.
As for the teaching, Jesús also has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching for Television Performance Assistance courses for the SCE, teaching camera operator / operator initiation courses and video / montage editing at ECFI “Canarian Academy of Photography and Image”.
He is currently part of the Consulting CREATÍVICA Canarias communication agency where he works as a camera man and video production and edition.


Javier Perera Candil (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1988) graduated as a senior technician in Image and Sound at IES Polytechnic Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and as a senior technician Degree in Administration and Finance with Honors.
With experience in both sectors, while studying sound and image, he was already part of several production teams dedicated to Sound and Image. Currently, he has extensive experience in the field of sound, working on the sound of large events, both in the world of entertainment and concerts, but also in galas and official events. In the administration section, after completing the obligatory company Internships from the Degree, he became part of the company in which being hired in the Accounting Department.
After this part of his life, he begun to form part of the call center of the Canary Islands Government, managing the Canary Islands Employment Service, Canary Islands Health Service and the General Information Service of the Canary Islands Government.
Currently, since 2017 Javier has been part of the CREATÍVICA Agency team, being part of the Administration, Event Production and sound department.


Melodie Bohny Traynor (County Louth, Ireland 1995) is a young designer graduated as an Engineer in Industrial Design and Product Development. She studied the degree at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2013-2018). With an Irish mother and a German father, her fortune led her to grow up in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, speaking bilingual English and Spanish, following a sporty, dynamic and social life with a passion for surfing and sports. This is how she begins to define her energetic, dynamic and modern style, creating meaningfull visual experiences through her designs.
During her time of competitive surfing, she had the opportunity to travel and meet new sectors, entering the world of image and advertising. She began to become known in the sector and brands such as SWOX Surf Protection showed interest in recruiting her to the national surf team. In this field, she carried out image model work, advertising spots, photo shoots for various brands and participated in two TV series as the main character („El Puente“ – Movistar + 2017 and „RTE – Big Wave Bootcamp 2012“). This is how her interest to the world of communication and advertising arrises.
As soon as she finished her degree in Industrial Design Engineering, she moved to Munich, Germany, to work with the company that sponsored her, SWOX Surf Protection as Product & Graphic designer. The company is a  brand of sunscreen for high performance surfers and athletes and there she made the designs and product manufacturing of the 2018 product line: packaging, displays (stands and POS material), graphic design, 3D modeling along with the blueprints for fabrication.
She worked in Germany for six months for SWOX and then became a Freelancer (freelance) working as a designer from the Canary Islands for the same brand. In addition, during that time, she carried out various design works for different clients: graphic designs for PEN Studio (Munich, Germany), layout of official dossiers for METATARSO Productions (Madrid, Spain), full branding of the company VEZA Agency and became IRM (International Relationships Manager) for SWOX as a recruiter of Influencers in social networks.
Despite her technical knowledge of manufacturing and product development, her passion is also focused on the artistic, visual and creative side. Her design process is faithfully based on conceptualization, seeking the essence, the values ​​and the most meaningful graphic line for each project.
She currently works at CONSULTING CREATÍVICA S.L in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as a graphic designer, visual content creator and marketing assistant, in addition to exercising multidisciplinary functions adapted to the company’s productions and events.


Virginia Marrero Hernández (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1975) graduated in Business Administration and Management (LADE) from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
During her last year of university, she worked part time in a labor consultancy, carrying out administrative tasks such as the hiring of workers, their registration and termination in the TGSS or the monthly presentation of social security. This experience helped her to integrate into the world of work and acquire knowledge that did not cover her specialty.
A few months after finishing her degree, she started working for a group of family businesses as an administrative – accountant, in charge of accounting and administration for several of the group companies and, thanks to my previous work in consulting, she managed to become head of the personnel department, where she worked for eleven years.
At the end of that period, she worked in a restaurant in the South of the Island of Gran Canaria as head of the purchasing department, personnel management and organization of events, something she had never done before but enjoyed the experience.
After her stage in the restoration, Virginia wanted to set up something on her own and entered the world of mobile telephony as distributor. Leading a commercial team that was in charge of attracting customers and building their loyalty. This stage  lasted one year and although it was complicated, it was very enriching for her.
Shortly after she went to work for a national company in charge of the sale and distribution of hotel catering products, leading tasks such as creating budgets requested by the clients through the commercials and the follow-up of the orders from the mainland Spain to the Canary Islands, since the head office was in Barcelona.
Currently, since 2019, she have been part of the agency CREATÍVICA Consulting, working in the Administration department and Event Management.


Omar González Valdivia (La Habana, Cuba 1985) graduated as a Computer Science Engineer at the University of Computer Sciences, Cuba (2004-2009)
With more than 10 years of experience in the development sector, he started working as a beginner developer in the communications ministry, where he stayed for 3 years fulfilling different roles, mainly in the development, validation and deployment departments. After that, he began to enter the world of web development and passed through courses in responsive design, backend apps developer, frontend layout, development of dynamic applications and information management. From there he devoted himself to creating websites as a freelancer (2012-) and as developer for the software development company (DESOFT 2015-2018), where he held positions of project leader.
During that time, he also participates in fairs and computer forums, trying to always stay ahead of the curve of the updates and information in technology.
He currently works at CONSULTING CREATÍVICA S.L in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as main developer and IT solutions manager.