Carmelo León, researcher at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and coordinator of the Soclimpact project, presented yesterday at COP25 an exhibition on the impact of climate change on tourism. The director of the TIDES University Institute of the ULPGC and coordinator of the Soclimpact project, financed by the EU through the H2020 call, was present at the Official Conference of the Parties. He participated in the event Climate Action in Travel and Tourism organized by the World Travel and Tourism Council and the COP.

In the event, which was attended by personalities of the highest level in climate change issues, Dr. León participated as a keynote speaker and pointed out the role of the importance of the Soclimpact project in facing the challenges that climate change poses for tourism.

Canary Islands

The Director of TIDES used examples from the Canarian economy, such as the recent fires in Gran Canaria and how this event affects the future decisions of tourists when choosing a destination, the economic losses involved in terms of renovation costs, or those costs related to the deterioration of the image of the destination and the loss of value of the tourist experience.

The central theme revolved around the importance of travel and tourism to the economy and society worldwide. It has enabled millions of people to discover new destinations, to meet family and friends, as well as the generation of thousands of jobs, especially in developed countries.

Source: La Provincia.