Through the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat, the European Commission offers support to the EU islands´ energy transition. Many islands in the EU are ready to act.

Soclimpact, as a project committed to the fight against Climate Change, supports this initiative and encourages stakeholders to use and exploit this service which is starting its second phase. Over the next two years, the Secretariat will match bottom-up initiatives with expert support leading to a pipeline of clean energy projects on the islands.

The Secretariat will assist stakeholders (industry, society and regional governments) to tender and find financing energy projects, including strategies towards design and implementation of clean energy transition. The Secretariat is supporting plans, projects or to start the reflection and engage any community.

This action-oriented approach will guide EU islands to reach the next phase of their clean energy transition, such that islands that are exploring now will be acting tomorrow.

A short summary of the Secretariat’s ongoing activities:

  • Through the Clean Energy for EU Islands Pledge, islands can sign up for the initiative and show the rest of the EU Island community their ambitions;
  • Workshops are organised as Energy Academies that engage island communities to act at the local level and take up an active role in energy transition projects on their island;
  • Call for Projects – starting in spring 2021 a call for projects will be launched. Island stakeholders can submit a description of their project to receive technical assistance;
  • Tailored technical assistance helps islands to tackle energy issues in a multidisciplinary way and supports them to coherently break through technical, social, financial, juridical and policy barriers. Support is given to transition agendas, action plans and individual projects;
  • The Islands Marketplace effectively facilitates and provides financing to energy projects on islands by matching island communities with investors and technology providers;
  • Stakeholders from different levels of governance are brought together in an Islands Think Tank to discuss legal and regulatory barriers for clean energy on islands. This leads to concrete solutions that will overcome the existing barriers;
  • The EU Islands website disseminates the success stories and challenges of islands to the EU community and builds a European network of island stakeholders;
  • The EU Island Days, the initiative’s annual two-day forum, will increase the visibility of the islands and match island needs with available solutions.

For more information on Clean Energy for EU Islands, visit the website.

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