This week Island innovation is holding the virtual island summit. It is about a free event of interactive sessions where experts from different geographical areas and backgrounds will share knowledge and know-how about the development of solutions for sustainable development and prosperity in islands around the world.

During all this week, experts from public representatives, to site managers and civil society organizations discussed the need for and the challenges of natural resources integrated management on small islands.

Other topics as intelligent energy solutions for isolated territories, the Caribbean utility model, the use of data to build island resiliency and the technology and innovation policy for island sustainability were held.

On today´s session, the main discussion will focus on the innovation and sustainable development in two islands of the South Atlantic: St. Helena and the Falkland Islands.

The following days the event will keep going with discussions about sustainability in islands with a diverse range of viewpoints. Speakers and attendees from more than 100 islands communities will participate in the different sessions.

Please take a look at its schedule for additional information.