Interfusion Services Ltd, a leading research and development firm, FAR Fusion Asset Recovery Ltd, a social start-up dealing with smart solutions, products and services for beaches, and UpCycle.Club an independent think tank on sustainable development in modern cities, announcing the successful launch of the 10th edition of the World Urban Forum #WUF10 ri on 13 February at the state fair in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, under the auspices of UN-Habitat.

This forum brings together stakeholders from around the world, which are national government agencies and actors, such as ministries of transport and tourism from various countries around the world, non-governmental organizations, as well as selected private sector organizations that promote sustainable development. It is worth noting that the participation of Interfusion, FAR and UpCycle.Club is the only one in Greece and Cyprus.

The key theme of our participation in WUF10 is “linking research initiatives and smart solutions to current perspectives” and its main objective is to share and present the latest results, such as the EU-funded SOCLIMPACT project, which aims to model at local level the impacts of climate change on islands and isles in Europe for the period 2030-2100 in the context of the EU Blue Economy and estimates the corresponding discharge of carbon energy systems, thus complementing the current forecasts available for Europe and providing current economic models with estimates of climate change, developments outside the market.

The 10th World Urban Forum will host leading academic researchers, R&D coordinators, as well as policy makers from around the world.

Relevant photographic material and videos of the entire event will be published in the coming days on the social networks of participating organizations and individuals.

Source: Cyprus Times.