The EC officer, Gaëlle Le-Bouler, welcomed the first block of the event and highlighted the considerable effort regarding the communication, dissemination and exploitation plan made by the project recently. She also mentioned the importance of the promotion of exploitable results at this final stage, especially the technological platform and the decision-making tool created by the project.

The project leader, Dr. Carmelo León, presented all the progress since the last GA and a summary of what are the challenges for the next few months. The rest of the session focused on the findings and results achieved so far. The work packages leaders discussed in what stage they are in and the next steps planned until the end of the project by March 2021.

The advisory board composed by Dr. Walter Leal (University of Hamburg), Dr. Anil Markandya (Basque Centre for Climate Change), Dr. Juan Carlos Ciscar (EU-Joint Research Center) and Dr. Marc Zebisch (EURAC-Institute for Alpine Environment) took part in the session with keynotes review.

During the second block, held on 26th November, the Project Manager, Dr. Marcelo Mautone welcomed the session and mentioned the updating on deliverables and the work-plan. After this, the EC financial officer, Ms. Agnieszka Krajewska explained the budget features and the reporting rules.

Yen E Lam González, as part of the Coordination Team, spoke about the last advances on the Adaptation Support Tool for islands and the REIS platform that is being developed at this previous stage as part of the communication and dissemination plan. She also made some general remarks about financial reporting.

The assembly saw the participation of more than 50 scientists, academics and policy makers as members of the consortium. It finished with a round table where all the partners presented their latest publications in journals, the papers in progress, and other dissemination activities focused on increasing the visibility of results.

Finally, the coordinator of COACCH, a sister H2020 project had the opportunity to participate with a brief presentation of its progress and debate on major challenges for both projects.