Soclimpact present at the 6th World Congress on Environmental Economy and Resources (WCERE)

Dr. Jorge Araña Padilla and Dr. Carmelo León González, researchers of the Soclimpact Project, participated in the 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economics (WCERE), from June 25 to 29, 2018, in which they presented three conferences on the benefits and limitations of social assessment of the environment, socially responsible management in tourism, and policies against climate change. These empirical investigations constitute the starting hypothesis of the SOCLIMPACT Project and the central axis of the Non-Market Assesment methodology of this project.

The WCERE is a scientific meeting of the highest level held every four years, and brings together the best specialists in the modeling of the socio-economic and environmental effects of climate change.

As an example of the important scientific debates in which SOCLIMPACT researchers have participated, it is worth mentioning the Policy Session organized by Prof. Francesco Bosello and the COACH Project team entitled “ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE OR ADAPTING TO DEVELOP? CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR A POLICY VIABLE AND EFFECTIVE CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION ACTION”, in which participated as speakers Sergio Castellari of the European Environment Agency, Michael Mullan of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and Paul Watkiss of Paul Watkiss Associate, participated to discuss the available policy options of adaptation to climate change in Europe and worldwide, and their evaluation in a context of an increasing risk and uncertainy.

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Jun 25 2018 - Jun 29 2018


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