RegIKlim – Regional Information on Climate Change 2018

Bonn (Germany)

Based on the concrete climate change signals and spatial and landscape conditions, information tools for decision support for regional adaptation to climate change are developed. The focus is on adaptation capacity and the integrated assessment of climate risks and options for action. In addition, delegates developed and further improved the reliability of the model results on a regional scale (EU islands (Cyprus, Malta, Baltic Islands (Übersetzun, Fehmarn, Rügen, Usedom), Balearic, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Crete, Azores, Madeira, Canary, Martinique, Guadalupe) and made the results more consistent and coherent. Dr Bodo Ahrens from the Institute for Atmosphere and Environment, Goethe University presented a poster on “Convective endangerment over Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate” and introduced SOCLIMPACT project for research institutions and practitioners with possible collaborative partners for model regions through an online partnering platform.

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Nov 13 2018


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