Online Regional Workshop: Co-developing sector adaptation pathways in Crete

Last October, 15th 2020, The Soclimpact´s partner KRITI held its second local working group in Crete. The meeting saw the participation of high level representatives of the blue economy sectors in the island.

The main aim of this meeting was to evaluate and rank alternative adaptation measures for the island. To this aim, stakeholders and Island Focal Point partners analysed future Climate Change impacts for their island. Downscaled climate projections built by the Soclimpact project in previous stages served as background material for stakeholders to understand the islands´ priority risks in the medium- long term periods. The subsequent economic impacts on four blue economy sectors (tourism, maritime transport, aquaculture and energy) were also provided and analysed by stakeholders. The meeting had its second part on November, 23rd 2020, to validate the results for the island, and agree on intervention priorities.

With this process, the assessment and ranking of adaptation measures are framed in the islands’ socio-economic and political context, have a sectoral perspective, and respond to the islands´ specific climate change scenarios. At the same time, the involvement of regional stakeholders in policy design allows to engage them in the effective implementation of actions in the island.


Oct 15 2020


All Day