International Conference on Regional Climate (CORDEX), Beijing (China)

The last International Congress “CORDEX” was dedicated to the development and implementation of new regional climate models. Nowadays, in the context of global change, it becomes increasingly apparent that it is necessary an understanding and forecast climate variation on a local scale since it is where the impacts will take place. In order to get this, “Global Climate Models” are often not enough since they are not able to catch up with some regional features (Mountain chains, small-scale interactions with Ocean, etc.) that is why CORDEX program was launched, in order to face these challenges,  with the aim to develop “Regional Climate Models” in different regions of the world.  In this last congress, lines strategic of CORDEX were presented and the last advances about this topic were discussed.

The Oceanographic Spanish Institute -UIB, as represents SOCLIMPACT with Gabriel Jordà, delivered a presentation specially focused on the studies about the interaction between atmosphere and ocean and how the small-scale oceanic processes have the potential to affect the regional climate. The conclusions of these studies in the Mediterranean will be applied on a global scale and It is expected they will improve climate simulation on a regional scale.


Oct 15 2019


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