ESA-MED 2018

Rome (Italy).

MED initiative of the European Space Agency (ESA) held a consultation meeting to define a roadmap for a Mediterranean initiative within ESA’s EO Science for Society Programme Element, encompassing topics such as atmosphere, oceanography, climate and land research and applications. The objectives of this meeting were many. Firstly, it reviewed the main requirements from geo-information in the region from science to information services, as well as the main activities, projects and initiatives taking place in the region where EO may contribute. Secondly, it assessed the potential of the increasing observation capacity offered by satellites to address the needs for science, applications and future information services and to discuss. Thirdly, it reached an agreement on a number of key priority areas and requirements for research and development activities that may address the science and applications needs of a wide range of user sectors in the region. Finally, researchers from SOCLIMPACT project presented their work about “Wind Observations for high-resolution Atmospheric Modeling”.

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Dec 11 2018 - Dec 12 2018


All Day