Ce3c 4th Annual Meeting 2018

Lisbon (Portugal).

CE3C is committed to a sustainable future. Tackling the challenges posed by global change requires tighter integration of the knowledge from life and environmental sciences. CE3C combines research with action and integrate science with education, to produce a capable next generation of scientists, a better-informed public, and advised policy. Research examines and integrates all levels of biological organization – from organisms up to entire ecosystems (natural and anthropogenic) – and is used to support and inform governmental agencies and entities, non-profit organizations, private companies and citizens. Members of exchanges participate in this annual event, where cE3c researchers gather together to present and discuss their latest projects, scientific results and outreach initiatives, and explore novel ideas. SOCLIMPACT Project partner Andreia Gonçalves Sousa from Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências (FC.ID), participated in this event.

More info: https://ce3c.ciencias.ulisboa.pt/outreach/frontiers/



Jul 09 2018 - Jul 10 2018


All Day