7th IATE Conference (International Association for Tourism Economics), La Plata (Argentina)

The conference organised by the International Association for Tourism Economics was held at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Universidad de La Plata, Argentina, and co-hosted by the Department of Tourism, at the Faculty of Economics Sciences in La Plata.

The event touched upon a wide range of tourism topics such as competitiveness, environment, human resources and innovation, among others.

In this occasion, one of the SOCLIMPACT project partners, Dr Paolo Figini, from the University of Bologna, had the opportunity to deliver a presentation entitled “The impacts of climate change on coastal tourism: a literature review of impact chains”. It was so brilliant of him to bridge real-world and research approaches on climate risk assessment tools from the perspective of tourism economics and management.

More info:  https://iateconferencelaplata.wordpress.com


Sep 03 2019 - Sep 06 2019


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