Deliverables of WP2: Project Coordination and Management

Picture: Canary Island Deliverable 2.1: Data Management Plan. D2.1 Deliverable 2.2: General assembly and steering committee meetings plan. D2.2 Deliverable 2.3: Synergies and Networking Reports with annexes. D2.3 Deliverable 2.4: Management Report 30112018. D2.4...

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Deliverables of WP8: Communication and Dissemination

Picture: Madeira Deliverable 8.1: Guidelines for the consortium D8.1 Deliverable 8.2: Dissemination Plan updated D8.2 Deliverable 8.3: Report on IIAM internal audit results D8.3 Deliverable 8.4: Launch and management of the Soclimpact website D8.4 Deliverable 8.7:...

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