The decarbonisation project networking event was co-organized by DG Research and Innovation (RTD) and the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) with the aim to bring together EU-funded climate mitigation projects to stimulate peer-to-peer and science-to-policy discussions on how to get the most out of EU-funded projects for the benefit of the society and policy-making.

SOCLIMPACT coordinator, Carmelo Leon and Ghislain Dubois from TEC-Ramboll, jointly to other 18 EU funded projects was invited to participate.

Topics included:

  • EU research and innovation policy: main tasks after the Paris Agreement (Andrea Tilche, Head of Climate Action Unit DG RTD)
  • The scientific underpinning of EU climate policy 2020-2030 (DG CLIMA)
  • What CARISMA found about how to navigate the science-policy interface
  • Global and Regional Zero-Emissions pathways (panel discussion including speakers from CD-LINKS, DEEDS, GREENWIN, TRANSRISK, COP21RIPPLES and Q&A)
  • The costs and challenges for low-carbon transition in main emitting sectors in the EU (panel discussion including speakers from CARISMA, EUCALC, INNOPATHS, REINVENT, SIM4NEXUS, MAGIC and Q&A)
  • How to maximize project impact for Climate action.
  • The decarbonisation projects landscape – potential for synergies and improving impact (Franz Immler, Head of Sector Climate Action, EASME)
  • Roundtable discussions on topics co-defined by the EC and participants


This important event annually gathers H2020 projects similar to SOCLIMPACT so it is very useful for networking, sharing experiences and challenges in research and the project management.