Climate Change outlook: projected changes on hazard indicators until 2100

Note: It is important to note that Atlantic islands (Azores, Madeira, Canaries and West Indies) lie in very critical areas and regional models are not available. Although local resolution has been significantly increased in the dedicated new simulations of this project, stakeholders should be made aware that uncertainty is an inherent characteristic of climate data, and that any future planning must cope with it.


D4.3_Atlases of newly developed indexes and indicator (Winds Extremity Index, Extreme Temperatures, Cooling Degree Days, Extreme Wave Return Time, AMSH and SPEI)

D4.4a Report on solar and wind energy (Wind&Photovoltaic Energy Productivity, Energy Droughts and Humidity Index)

D4.4b Report on storm surge levels (Storm Surges, Waves Extremes and Mean Sea Level Rise)

D4.4c Report on potential fire behaviour and exposure (Fire weather Index)

D4.4d Report on the evolution of beaches (Beach Reduction)

D4.4e Report on estimated seagrass density (Sea Grass Evolution)