Last 15 of January, 2019 all SOCLIMPACT partners met in the second General Assembly where they had the opportunity to set the challenges for 2019.

Dr Eleni Hatziyani, Director of Environment & Spatial Planning and coordinator of Soclimpact for Region of Crete, gave an overall picture of Region´s activities with implemented European projects as Mistral, Blue Islands, Panoramed, LifeAdapt2Clima, Life Integrated, Brandtour, Impreco, Screen.

Carmelo León and Ghislain Dubois explained the progress by the project since the last General Assembly, what futures challenges the project will have to overcome and the difficulties founded.

The different sessions carried out during the three days of the Assembly focused on the modelling sector and the pending deliverables, the progress restitutions and future steps of some work packages.

The Assembly also presented the Advisory members of the project. They highlighted the importance of the outputs that will be used to changes and mitigation through the Stakeholder group.

Another critical part of the meeting was the presentation of the sectoral model teams ( Tourism, Maritime Tourism, Aquaculture and Energy).

These sectors had the opportunity to make questions, clarify future steps, introduce the new members, review the impact chains and discuss the operationalization of impact chains, the data requirements and work organization.

This second General Assembly ended with a better understanding of the future steps that will be revised in the next meeting that will take place in Sicily by the end of the year where all the activities set will be reviewed again. An essential event to get the goals of the project.